Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 4, December 2016 
Association between Local Illumination and Visual Fatigue among the Research and Development Staffs of Industry

Pages 157-162

A.R. Mashkoori; S. Asadi; A.R. Yari; Z. Allahdadi; Z. Gharlipour; A.R. Koohpaei

Role of Human Factors in Awareness Enhancing in Workplaces

Pages 163-169

F. Kiani; H. Kargar Khoram Abadi; E. Saberyan; M.R. Khodabakhsh

Brief Report

Effective Factors on Needle Stick Injuries in Health Care Workers

Pages 185-188

M. Momen-Heravi; Z. Vakili; Z. Telkabadi; Z. Soleimani

Effect of Dissolved Air Flotation Process on Thickening of Activated Sludge

Pages 201-205

A. Atamaleki; Gh.R. Mostafaii; M.B. Miranzadeh; L. Iranshahi; H. Akbari; H. Safari