Publication fee

To provide open access, this journal has a publication fee (Article Publishing Charge, APC) which needs to be met by the authors or their research funders for each article published open access. This ensures your article will be immediately and permanently free to access by everyone.

The Article Publishing Charge for this journal is USD 200.


This fee should be deposited in:

Beneficiary name: ANNA DOGONADZE
Beneficiary address: Kazbegi street 35, Tbilisi, Georgia
IBAN (Acount number): GE12TB7385645068100016
Bank name: JSC TBC Bank
Bank address: Kazbegi 12, Tbilisi, Georgia
Please pay attention to following points when filling out the payment receipt:
Reason for Payment: Publication Fee
Description: Your Manuscript ID
Details of Charges: Our
(Please don't mention other information)

The payment receipt must send us by email:


This fee for Iranian Authors is 10,000,000 RIs that should be deposited in:

Account number: 4001077403023426

IBAN (Sheba): IR070100004001077403023426

Identity Code (Shenaseye Pardakht): 346077461123701003350000000003

Bank Markazi

Account owner: Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology (Moavenat Tahqiqat va Fanavari), Kashan University of Medical Sciences


Please make sure that a copy of your payment receipt is attached to your email as an image file (upload it on to the journal email).