Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2015 

Original Article

Evaluation of 5 Air Criteria Pollutants; Tehran, Iran

Pages 95-100

A. Mazaheri Tehrani; F Karamali; E. Chimehi

Plants Role in Reducing Heavy Metals from Polluted Soil Leachate

Pages 101-106

A. Amouei; H. Tashakkorian; D. Naghipour; P. Mohammadi

Smoking Frequency and some Related Factors among High School Students of Kashan City, Iran

Pages 107-113

O.R. Hammamizade; A. Mazaheri Tehrani; S Hajiketabi; S. Khatami; M. Fathi Moghadam; H. Rahimi; Sh. Khandaei; V. Sarsangi

Biological Sludge Stabilization; Fenton and Ozonation Processes

Pages 115-120

M.B. Miranzadeh; A Mazaheri Tehrani .; Z. Tavakoli; H.R. Gilasi; M. Atharizadeh

Brief Report

Assessing the Chemical Components of some Iranian Brands of Bottled Water

Pages 125-128

M.B. Miranzadeh; Gh.R. Hoseinidoost; M.A. Marzaleh

Case Report

Human Orf Disease; a case series in Kashan City, Iran

Pages 129-132

H. Afzali; M. Momen–Heravi

Original Article

Effect of Vermifiltration on COD and Color Removal from Textile Factories’ Waste Water

Pages 133-138

D. Rabbani; A.H. Mahvi; H.R. Gilasi; F Rasuli