Comparison the Effect of Cow ghee with Other Diets on the Obesity of Syrian Hamsters

Document Type : Brief Report


1 Clinical Biochemistry Department, Medical Faculty, Kerman University of Medical Science, Kerman, Iran

2 Physiology Research Center” and “Biochemistry Department, Medical Faculty”, Kerman University of Medical Science, Kerman, Iran


Aims It seems that there is a causal link between dietary fat and body weight. Overweight
obesity is the biggest nutrition-related problem in developed countries and the rapid
summation of obesity is taking place in their populations. The aim of this study was to
compare the effect of different diets on the obesity of Syrian hamsters.
Materials & Methods This experimental study conducted on 48 N-Mary male Syrian
hamsters with an average weight of 25-30g. Mice were randomly divided into 6 groups (each
8); control, corn oil, olive oil, cow ghee, sheep ghee and, cholesterol. All the samples were
weighted before and after the 2 months period of treatment. Data was analyzed by SPSS 16
software using paired T and Kruskal-Wallis tests.
Findings The mean weights of all groups were significantly increased after the treatment
in compared to before. Only significant overweight compared to control group was seen
in CG group (p<0.007). The amounts of water consumption were significantly lower in
OO (63.3±6.5ml; p<0.043) and CO (61.5±6.8ml; p<0.027) groups compare to control
Conclusion High-fat diet can causes weight gain, especially cow ghee has more prominent
role in the weight gaining.